One in three Canadian families cannot afford to enroll their kids in organized sports and physical activity which means many kids are missing out on the benefits that come with organized play. Canadian Tire Jumpstart is a nationally registered charity dedicated to removing financial barriers so kids across Canada have the opportunity to get off the sidelines and into the game.

Whether it’s the chance to try a sport for the very first time or to continue with a favourite physical activity, Jumpstart makes it possible for all kids to participate. We see it as equipping kids for life because quality physical activity in kids does more than improve health and well-being. It helps build confidence, leadership, productivity and creativity.

JumpStart get kids in the game by assisting with the costs associated with registration, equipment and/or transportation for sports and physical activity programming. We also lend support to unique initiatives aimed at increasing access to sports and physical activity programming.

If you are interesting in applying for the JumpStart program, you can fill out the following application:

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If you want more information on the JumpStart program visit their website by going to the following link: